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Originally Posted by runway30 View Post
Well this is very interesting because all the press were saying the Daytime flightplan had the name Dave Henderson as PILOT where that actually clearly shows the name David Ibbotson as PILOT.

Well this is very interesting because all the press were saying the Daytime flightplan had the FLIGHTPLAN filed as IFR where that actually clearly shows it was filed as VFR.

The mistake of the callsign is an easy mistake to make ( had this done to me by electronic inputting myself ) so I wouldn't think that is too big an issue?

The NO113 is a bit of a strange one to have put as a TAS? the distance from LFRS to the FIR Boundary (EGTT) is 170nm which @ 113kts would have been 90mins so the 99mins on the FPL is close to correct for the speed filed.
I am just assuming because it was a Skydemon FPL that either the 'aircraft profile' didn't have correct speeds or we have just spotted a glitch in the Skydemon system where it files times based on estimated groundspeed? ( supposition only ).

It is now looking like Dave Ibbotson really did think he was operating a daytime flight both ways, though it also seems apparent that the actual organisers knew that the return flight was scheduled for after sunset from the outset. It now changes the whole perception I have of what was asked of Dave Ibbotson & what was changed once he got to Nantes.
Sadly, Dave Ibbotson won't be able to defend,deny or enlighten the interested parties in what questions are now being asked.

Now it is such a maelstrom of facts & bs that the only conclusive outcome will be based on the official reports. I hope in some way that the focus isn't all aimed at Dave Ibbotson or his family members, I am sure 'smoke & mirrors' will be used to cover up a lot of stuff that went on in the vain hope of not dragging others down, so all the focus on Dave Ibbotson having 18k of CCJ's seems like a diversionary tactic by someone who owes a far more significant amount that the HMRC have their gnashers biting away at.
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