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Originally Posted by runway30 View Post

First I don't think it is appropriate in times of GDPR to publish personal data like telephone numbers in public - i deleted the pic in reply - even and especially in such case!

If this really is the plan filed, there are a lot of questions. Wrong call sign? maybe even the G should have been N ;-)? 2 aircraft on the FPL? no POB? equipment list bogus? speed 113 knots? ok overlook the known odd behavior of Skydemon on filing ... why the hack should one use such odd border crossing point with two official one so close? I hope this is a fake as so far from a professional one, not even to PPL standards. Would France even accept such FPL, or would they not immediately call the pilot filing? My first impression, looks like 'alternate facts', hard to imagine somebody filing this way in reality, sorry.

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