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Originally Posted by runway30 View Post
When the legal actions start, as they inevitably will, who actually has any money?

Much of the discussion so far has actually centred around speculative breaches of regulation relating to how the flight was operated, procured and perhaps represented. To the extent that any of the parties involved in such suspected breaches of regulation are still alive, the fines and sentences are relatively unimpressive.

When and if, life insurance and other policies relating to the (presumed) deceased passenger fail to pay out, there will undoubtedly be a desire to engage lawyers looking for places to cover the shortfall. It remains to be seen how many parties there are that have a direct enough connection to the flight and the passenger that they would be feasible targets for a claim. Probably not as many as some assume.

The more interesting question will be whether the investigation of the circumstances surrounding this flight bring to light a more commonplace culture of illicit charters in the sports world. Not just football, but perhaps horse racing too. Then the spotlight would be on the regulator (CAA and DGAC) as to why they had apparently lost control of a small but important chunk of their responsibility.
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