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This seems an odd thread. Has the feel of a troll to invite scorn and dump opprobrium on a minority who had no more choice in their education than other minorities have on their gender, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation and (in many cases) religion.

I attended a small, 400 pupil, secondary modern in semi-rural Derbyshire (not far from where our favourite class warrior has washed up). The great majority of pupils in a year group left at 15/16; very few stayed on for O/A levels.

My children and grandchildren attended/attend state schools. But, like many on here I have close acquaintances, work colleagues and family friends who went to public school and/or sent their children to public school. My son-in-law went to public school. I have also spent the last 20 years in teaching environments that have a significant number of ex-public school pupils.

Of course I have met and worked with a few arrogant people who turned out to be ex public school pupils. But, on balance, I reckon I have encountered far more people with a chip on their shoulder.
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