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My 2 boys were local state village (very good) primary, and scholarship independent secondary. The second, because his school didn't do the A levels he wanted, announced he would do 6th form at a London state college (living with his brother. When asked did his brother know, said 'I haven't told him yet'.)

During his first term there, one of the girls in has class said (apropos his unwanted advice) 'it's all right for you mature students'. In his first job, working for the Home Office Immigration Dept., the office were asked to send a 'responsible officer' to reception where the security chap was having trouble with a large gentleman of Caribbean extraction; he calmly went and sorted things out. (I'm not sure if the rest of the office were waiting to hear the outcome).

The attitude to life taught in a good school has pluses as well as minuses.
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