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Originally Posted by ChrisE View Post
Quick question - I applied for DEP in October and am still going through the recruitment process. The application is now split between 777/787 or A320/A350/A380. I've been placed into the latter bracket, despite only having a few hundred airbus hours. Will this have any bearing on fleet offer if successful? Or is it still a 'placed where needed' system?

From what I garnered on a recent internal conversion course, the training system is at max chat and will remain so for some time to come. So while the systems needs will always feature heavily, the current rating on your licence will also be taken into account as minimal footprint on the training system is now more important than ever.

That said, a guy I know who is airbus rated applied to the general DEP LH recruitment (and was then labelled A320/A350/A380 when they recently split it) has just been offered 777.

It remains a variable feast. Best of luck with it.

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