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If you don't like the idea, don't take part, but don't condemn those that do, based on their perceived skill level due to the number of hours experience they have.
Wrong. Our condemnation is centred around the increased risk these passengers take without informed consent. Nobody says professional pilots under an AOC cant have an accident, but that is to confuse hazard with risk. When a passenger goes on a Wingly flight he hasnt a clue how the pilot's training differs from a commercial pilots, hasnt a clue about the oversight missing without an AOC. The rules surrounding commercial operations, which certainly are not perfect, are designed to provide an acceptable level of risk. The charter is worthless because the PPL is equally ignorant about what is missing,. He cant properly advise his fare paying passenger, sorry contributor, about the variance so both fly off with an increased level of risk.

I still fear for the first flight that leads to a fatality, even if the recent fatalities off Alderney dont end up in the Courts. The CAA may let things happen, but that is quite different to how a judge opines. And the pilot, or his dependants, may be decimated.
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