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I have a rather different take on schooling. At my primary school I was always in the top two in the main subjects in exams. I'm guessing that this was because I am good at maths and have a very retentive memory. My parents were shocked that I didn't get a grammar school place. We didn't have an 11+ in the year that I went up and the headmaster chose those he wished to go. Interestingly it was split 9/3 between girls and boys, maybe reflecting his habit of sitting comely eleven year old girls in his lap!

Anyway, when I got to SecMod it was clear that this had happened all over town and that the Chosen ones had maybe been selected on criteria other than intelligence. The unintended consequence of this was that those who had been deselected formed an elite at the SecMod. A disproportionate number of those went on to over achieve so I think that in a way what occurred was a creation of this Public School Effect in a different environment. I must admit that something that went with it was a kind of arrogance too, so maybe it's inevitable.
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