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I expect many on here complaining about low hours pilots advertising on Wingly took their nearest and dearest up when they had similar low experience, so where does one draw the line.
It's about perception of risk.
For example, the RAF rules I was subject to wouldn't allow a squadron pilot to fly his own wife as a passenger; although he could fly the wife of another pilot. Looking back, I never flew any of my family until I had been flying as a professional pilot for thirty five years or so. When I finally did, it was in a civilian registered, and maintained to AOC standards, twin engined aircraft when I had around 10,000 hours and an ATPL.

If you don't like the idea, don't take part, but don't condemn those that do, based on their perceived skill level due to the number of hours experience they have.
No, I certainly won't take part - I don't need anyone to tell me that. Having been a member of a civilian flying club for almost thirty years and seen some of the ignorance and incompetence that goes on at PPL level, I wouldn't touch any newly qualified pilot advertising on Wingly with a barge pole, nor would I advise anyone else to do so.

Would you go on holiday in an airliner flown by a Wingly pilot?

As for Uber taxis? No thankyou.
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