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Originally Posted by yellowtriumph View Post
how does that stand with you?
Perversely, given my views in general on this, I'm not that big a fan of a second ref but I appreciate the thought you've given it, it's a refreshing change from the headbangers, of which of course, depending on your point of view, I am one...

I see no deal, May's deal, extend article 50. I don't see a 2nd ref & I'm not particularly opposed to the criticisms of it but if it were to happen, I think you're right, it should be framed much more carefully than Cameron's shockingly thought through in/out question, a threshold would be necessary & what exactly do you ask? We have no clear message from Parliament & certainly not one from the electorate. 52/48 is the epitome of a country saying to itself - not really sure to be honest, no matter how often the Andrew N's of this world try to tell you a clear democratic mandate was given.

The only outcome I sincerely wish to avoid is no deal & on that, the actions of the Government absolutely scream party before country.
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