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Originally Posted by andrewn View Post
personally I could live without Iceberg lettuce for a few months a year. When I told my pet tortoise though he was pretty gutted. When I then explained to him about the many other advantages of brexit (for tortoises) he came round a bit. He's particularly excited about greater free trade opportunities with Central Asian countries, and thinks that a bi-lateral trade agreement with Kazakhstan would be mutually beneficial. I warned him to temper his expectations as any such deal could be a while away but reassured him that, in the meantime, I was staking out the Icebergs in our local Morrisons.

Despite some reservations, mainly about my plan for stockpiling Icebergs, he agreed that we just need to get on with things and respect the result of a democratic mandate.
Answering practical experience and common sense with a fairy story?

That'll be Brexit.
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