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History has shown there has to be some pushback on CX to effect any meaningful offer.
The only risk of a No vote may be a be slight screwing if we allow CX to kick the can further down the road into the next world financial implosion. Then again, a No vote is insurance against further management avarice. It puts the pilots in a better position to weather a downturn and have the upper hand in the ensuing boom times. Think of it as coming back to turbulence penetration speed and keeping a steady eye on the automatics.
A yes vote? Royally screwed before, during and after any downturn. Akin to ordering a coffee, turning the weather radar off and blasting into the ITCZ: .... What the hell eh? - seatbelts off and back to the head-in-the-shiny-ipad... what could go wrong?
For me, I'd prefer to weather the storm in good shape and then take a direct to $ierra - #1
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