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Thank you to the last two posters. I am aware of the selection criteria and the Op tempo. I am however not swayed by the ‘therefore they must have’ argument. I’m still not convinced that all the Hawk operators we’ve seen are veterans of combat, which is not a dig at their commitment, professionalism or how brilliantly they’re coming across.

Edited to add: If one were to have a brief look at the mess dinner in episode 1 you could conclude that MOD agrees that at least two of the team are not combat veterans. Or they are choosing not to wear campaign medals...which would be odd. This matters not a jot - my point was about an inaccurate voice over.

FWIW - and far more emotively I hold the belief, rightly or wrongly, that only a subset of those with campaign medals will actually be combat veterans as the criteria for award rarely features combat. I would define a combat veteran as anyone who was within effective weapons range of hostiles during fighting, or similar.

Excellent programme.

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