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If the pilot body had any respect for their managers then this offer might have wings. But the reality is and this is something the management cannot and will not accept is that their is no respect at all. The FOP managers who most pilots interact with are a joke. Incompenent "yes" men who prefer the desk to the flightdeck and perpetuate their incompetence on a daily basis. They are not managers they are operatives of a policy from the Island or London. Here they live in ivory towers oblivious to the real world of aviation which is changing so rapidly they can never catch up let alone get ahead of any trends. ICAO says 620,000 new pilots required in the next 20 years. Every major carrier is recruiting ( yes one or two nubies are failing eg Norwegian ) but for some reason CX thinks by lowering pay and conditions they will actually attract pilots into the company. This thinking is the very reason why CX is doomed. Maybe not this year or the next but certainly within 5. CX pilots have ZERO trust or respect for anyone above the 2nd floor in CX City and beyond. Survey after survery has shown this to be true but the CX management cannot accept it because to do so would invalidate their very existence and there lays the problem. For the managers to exist and earn their bonuses they must justify their existence. To do that they must cut costs, it is their only measure of their success and performance ( they don't do line checks they meet budget targets ). So why now should we change direction and beleave what they are pushing out, bases, meaningful pay negotiations.They lie on a daily basis and go home and tell their wives they are doing a good job. Meantime look at the share price, look at what the real experts are saying.Not these Swire dickheads who can't tie their own shoe laces ( have a look the next time, they all wear slip ons ).

Vote NO and watch the sandcastle collapse. The DFO and GMA get their marching orders within 24 hours. Thats got to be worth 1% surely.
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