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Originally Posted by morningcoffee View Post
That doc is full of bs, not sure if it’s worse than the company’s bs or not. The ONLY reason KA got anywhere was that 10% of their skippers resigned enmasse to take up Chinese contracts. You get 100-150 CX skippers to resign on the same day and you’ll get the same result.
Escalate CC/TB? Another load of bs, more than half the trainers aren’t even in the AOA ffs. As for escalating, aside from keyboard warriors puffing out their chests the reality is 9 out of 10 guys won’t risk losing everything to take the company on.
But they’ll go one about it like a stuck record on PPRuNe.
We got nothing 4 yrs ago and we got nothing since but magically we’ll vote no and we’ll get something now. The thought process is so retarded I’m voting no so I can laugh at us doing another 4 years of getting nothing while everyone says the offer will get better.
MC, I can poke holes in some of the above subjective 'reasons' as well. But, I can look objectively straight through the Company's 'offer' and see the viper pit that awaits a yes vote. Maybe you can come up with robust reasons to vote yes which don't contain a $ or false promise?
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