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That doc is full of bs, not sure if it’s worse than the company’s bs or not. The ONLY reason KA got anywhere was that 10% of their skippers resigned enmasse to take up Chinese contracts. You get 100-150 CX skippers to resign on the same day and you’ll get the same result.
Escalate CC/TB? Another load of bs, more than half the trainers aren’t even in the AOA ffs. As for escalating, aside from keyboard warriors puffing out their chests the reality is 9 out of 10 guys won’t risk losing everything to take the company on.
But they’ll go one about it like a stuck record on PPRuNe.
We got nothing 4 yrs ago and we got nothing since but magically we’ll vote no and we’ll get something now. The thought process is so retarded I’m voting no so I can laugh at us doing another 4 years of getting nothing while everyone says the offer will get better.
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