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Originally Posted by HarryMann View Post
Could it be that D. Henderson flew the Saturday outbound client run and arranged (for whatever reason and at short notice) for D. Ibbotson to collect from Nantes Monday.

Hence the 'assurance ' text....

4.23pm -McKay: "He said that it is the same company."
David Ibbotson posted to his facebook page @ 1447hrs on Saturday 19th that he was at Nantes Airport so taking that the rumour is N264DB got airborne @ 1215hrs and he posted at 1447hrs means he covered an 'as the crow fly's distance' of 260nm in under 1hr 32mins ( assuming Facebook takes time of place of posting as timestamp? ) which is easily possible if the Malibu averaged 170kts as a groundspeed.

His facebook entry would imply he flew N264DB from Cardiff to Nantes direct but perhaps he dropped into Guernsey on the inbound flight to collect either DH or some documents as there are references to N264DB being flightplanned to Guernsey initially?

Everything points to David Ibbotson being the PIC for the departure from Cardiff & as the PIC for the departure from Nantes.
Where Dave Henderson fits into this all is a conundrum, it seems he is the organiser of both the chosen aircraft and chosen pilot, Willie McKay has admitted that he contracted Dave Henderson to sort out the logistics, the bit that seems sketchy is whether Dave Henderson was actually in Nantes in person or maybe some of his documents were there?

This looks like something that will be a long drawn out investigation where there are now so many names in the frame that the truth may never come to light.

The worrying bit is that Dave Henderson has now gone into hiding, Willie McKay has changed his story a few times ( if journo's are to be believed ) and so many things point to the Malibu possibly being loosely connected to the McKay's in some way.

All conjecture until the full facts come to light.
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