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I have in past been very critical with Wingly, and I have on multiple occasions challenged them, and they have NEVER provided me satisfactory answers.

From my PPL days, when I was young and green, I recall taking friends out for a flight in a PA28 or C-172, we were all 18, young and probably thought we could not make mistakes. In hindsight I think to myself, that was a stupid thing to do.
I would NEVER book a Wingly flight to any of my loved ones, as I can make an informed decision based on my own knowledge and experience, people with no aviation background can't understand this and the dangers involved.
And they might buy their loved one an "experience flight" - but they are not aware what experience means in aviation terms, if there is proper maintenance to the aircraft, I been visiting few airfields where they have light aircraft to rent out, and there is NO WAY I would go flying in some of those aircraft. Full of oil streaks along the cowling, speed tape on the wings, loose/broken bits around on different parts of the aircraft, thanks, but no thanks.

Equally I know the desperation of some newbie pilots to fly art ANY COST, so yes Wingly might not have been involved in this accident, but they are an accident waiting to happen, the question is, do we ALWAYS need to learn our lessons with blood AFTER innocent people have died?
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