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Originally Posted by pr00ne View Post

"​​​​​​As for leaving the EU being damaging in general for the UK; while there will be various short term problems as new systems are introduced....",

I am staggered at the naivety of leavers who spout this sort of thing. How do you class the likes of Airbus removing wing production from the UK, Ford shifting engine manufacture inside the EU, Sony and Panasonic removing their European headquarters from London to Amsterdam, BMW Mini, Bentley, JLR et al all saying a no deal would be "catastrophic for their profitability and operations" and lead to investment decisions changing from the UK to the EU for many if not all of our multi-national global manufacturers as a "..short term problem?"

And as for having the ability to "once more have the ability to negotiate and adjust terms and conditions of trade..." How on earth are we expecting to negotiate superior terms when we wre replacing a potential market of 500 million consumers with one with 67 million consumers? WHERE is the advantage in that?
proone - with due respect there's two sides to every story;

The Airbus story was clearly an establishment sponsored bung - and you know that. As the link above shows they were fishing for more bribes (sorry, funding) to EXPAND production only the day before!
All the others you mention continually adjust their commitments to different regions / countries based on a whole variety of factors that I've outlined many times before (principally the amount of bung offered, the tax regime and access to cheap labour). Brexit MAY be a consideration that MAY impact future investment decisions, but don't kid yourself that any of the recent announcements are Brexit driven.

As to "investment decisions changing from the UK to the EU", if you substitute EU for China or XYZ other unscrupulous developing country with an endless supply of cheap labour then I'll agree with you. But, again, it wont be anything at all to do with Brexit.
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