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Originally Posted by orca View Post
I think the programme is brilliant - and Iíll be honest, Iím impressed by what they do - but have never been an an out and out fan of the nation possessing an aerobatic team from a capability stand point.
My only pick up point is the voice over to the opening shots which implies that the team are all combat veterans...which Iím not sure is correct.
I think that thereís something appropriate in the frugality of the set up. Just my opinion but white boards and traditional accommodation is spot on for a unit practising close formation in Hawks. They do it very well and theyíre coming across brilliantly.
Orca - not having a dig, but I'd be interested to know how many people in the RAF who have operated a front line aircraft at the present time are NOT combat veterans (if we define "combat" as an operational tour where where some operational effect is delivered, for the sake of our multi-engine brethren.)

As for the reds, I'm pretty confident that all of them have done a det or 6 to a sunny eastern med location or, even better, further east. I stand ready to be corrected though, there's always someone who manages to buck the trend.
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