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Parapunter: Why 'allegedly'? Simple; Cameron was a politician and, in my view, part of the job description includes being less than straight. In Cameron's case, should he declare today is Saturday, I would immediately check a calendar!
He went to Brussels with 10 objectives, not 3.

He wanted to ban EU immigrants from receiving tax credits for 4 years. What he got was a graduated restriction spread over 4 years, allowing these people to start to receive benefits after 1 year.

He wanted to ban EU immigrants from receiving child benefit if their children are still living in their 'home' country. He got half a deal on this one with the agreement to apply this restriction only to new claims, not all claims as laid out in his 2015 manifesto.

He wanted the UK to be exempt from contributing to EU related bail outs. He pretty much got what he wanted there, although the French threw in a modifier in a bid to have the City of London's neck wound in.

He wanted the UK to opt out of the working time directive. Nothing happened there.

He wanted to address the EU's failure to control wasteful spending. What he got was a promise by the EU to implement the Better Regulation Agenda. Half a win there, I suppose.

He wanted an end to closer political union. What he got was recognition that the UK wouldn't be troubled by closer political union but other countries would not receive this concession. Half a win, I suppose.

He wanted greater powers for the UK with regard to anti-terrorism measures. He won that one.

He wanted recognition of a multi-currency EU. He got an agreement in mealy mouthed EU speak that stated the EU's objective was to be an economic and monetary union with the Euro as a currency, with a mention of not all members have the Euro as their currency. A curate's egg thing, that one.

He wanted the ability of national parliaments to block unwanted EU legislation. He got more mealy mouthed waffle from the EU that more or less addressed this issue but, as far as I know, has not been incorporated in EU law.

He wanted to crack down on sham marriages. What he got was a commitment by the EU to adopt a proposal to clamp down on abuse of free movement rules. I have no idea if the EU ever adopted this.

However, I seem to remember him returning from Brussels saying more or less "I didn't get what I wanted for the UK so, as promised, we will have a referendum on our continued membership", releasing that train from the station.

You say
If you don't like my responses, stick to facts
. My post in way was a reaction by me to your posts, it was my opinion on how I see things. Your response shows a degree of paranoia. Mind you, that too is only my opinion. Don't be so prickly when people express views that don't align with yours.

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