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Originally Posted by ShotOne View Post
Parapunter you’re still re-arguing the 2016 debate. What’s the point of restating ad nauseum that pro-leavers are wrong and stupid? I voted remain and this even grates with me. We have serious decisions to take and this hardly helps “avert catastrophe” as you put it earlier.
You're under no obligation to read or respond to anything anyone writes, least of all from me, As for serious decisions, I'm curious to understand how anything said here influences any decisions taken at Westminster.

Originally Posted by KelvinD View Post
Parapunter: Wait a minute. The post to which I referred said this:

And my comment to you referred to exactly this point. Cameron went to meet the EU, allegedly trying to get reforms and returned empty handed. Thus showing that attempts at reform from within have been tried and they failed.

Why allegedly? He went to Brussels & returned with two out of three of his stated aims achieved, The third, restricting FoM was unrealistic & could never have been agreed. Shot one moans I'm fighting the referendum over & over, I prefer to think I'm denying lazy anti European lies & half truths, peddled endlessly to the extent that they become reality for the credulous. If you don't like my responses, stick to facts & you'll get responses in kind, just as The Nip did, which incidentally, was predictably seized upon by every leaver going to punt yet more anti EU tropes.
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