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There are some pilots dropping paras for fun and free to get the hours, but I somehow am cautious to suspect such for the constellation reported. A 10 hours delay due to some mood swings sound plausible and possible, but who can confirm? A filed flight plan for the morning carrying DH name and cancelled or delayed to the evening would not surprise me.

The Wingly thingie is indeed something 'digital new', but good? I doubt. Even after EASA confirmed the hole in the bucket and some insurance issued covers (any case known to prove they also pay after getting the money?) it does not feel good. At our home field they altered policy and explicitly banned such flights. *altered* I just briefly entered Wingly, things like a 60TT/20 oT pilot in a Mooney M20 or night flying with a 70TT pilot both taking passengers make me shiver. These guys are still full of license euphoria and empty of airmen wisdom.

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