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University cities were almost unanimously and hugely in favoir of remaining within the EU. Can it be any coincidence that a huge amount of university revenue is now generated from foreign students? Leaving the EU may well reduce the numbers coming from abroad to study in the UK because there will be no longer any guarantee that their newly acquired qualifications will be recognised reciprocally.

As for leaving the EU being damaging in general for the UK; while there will be various short term problems as new systems are introduced, in the longer term the UK will once more have the ability to negotiate and adjust terms and conditions of trade without the need to get agreement with multiple other partners. In other words the UK will have the ability to control and mitigate its' exposure to future world issues.

Remaining within the EU gives the semblance of a finacial security blanket but at the cost of being forced into line with 27 other nations whose national goals and financial aims may be significantly different from those of the UK. We could find ourselves sucked down into recession by a collapsing German economy or forced to bail out other EU nations to the detriment of our own economy and citizens. The difference here is that there is no option for independent action other than to leave the EU.

So the bottom line is that given the breakdown of relations between the EU and the UK, the only option left to us is to leave the EU, if not in two months, then at some time in the future. Staying or leaving will both be damaging to the UK economy with the only difference being when the financial hit occurs and how hard. A short term downturn on leaving now or a long term strangulation of the economy if we remain within the EU.

The British public made their choice, possibly not in full possession of all the facts, but all the evidence to date suggests that it was the right decision and one that the government must abide by or likely face serious civil unrest and the discreditation of all politicians for decades to come.
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