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There follows some investigation by Chris K B on Twitter
Investigation? You gotta be kiddin' me. All it shows is a failure to comprehend that not all democracies have the same electoral system as the UK and what the idea of a representative democracy is. And it shows a rather arrogant attitude to believe that the UK's electoral system is the only one that is fitting for a democracy. One could even argue that the UK's system of first past the post is the reason for the chaos the UK is currently expierencing.

Many European states, just like Belgium, follow the concept of proportional representation when it comes to elections. It means that there are much more parties in Parliament and hardly a parliament where one party has a majority. You will almost always have coalitions which some will argue is a good thing as views and positions and not as entrenched as in a two party parliament like in England & Wales. So representatives from smaller parties like Verhofstadt can hold senior positions in government and even head goverrnment if they are able to negotiate effectively. And it also means that even if you loose some votes in a election or even get "hammered", you will still be represented in Parliament, albeit in smaller numbers.

Now, for this drivel about "political groups" in the EP. Just like in any other parliament with numerous parties, MEPs set up parliamentary parties. You have MEPs with a conservative, liberal, green, nationalist, center-left, center-right etc. background as a result of their party membership back home. They form parliamentary parties accordingly and like in any other parliament, these parliamentary parties have a spokesperson elected by its peers. The EP is not different from any other parliament.

It is really difficult to understand why the very same people who find it perfeclty okay that, say, the people in the constituency of Maidenhead can only vote for the MP for Maidenhead and not for the whole UK apparently expect that the EP must mirror the election results in the UK and not the whole EU.

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Sorry Parapunter but if this is as bad as it gets I'll take it...
Cambridge - fastest growing city in Europe
...and a city with 73,8 per cent of the vote for remain.
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