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Originally Posted by TwinAisle View Post
I suspect we are well past the 'oh, what a scamp, but he's good for a giggle' stage.

There is evidence that he has been involved in what look very much like charity scams.
He has made unsubstantiated allegations about industry professionals on public websites.
He has used people's names and photographs to suggest they are working for him, to gain credibility, when in fact they apparently know nothing about him.
He has lied about recruitment sessions, costing airline colleagues time and money.
He has repeatedly stated he has raised funds, and is about to start services, when both these claims are clearly a nonsense, in an attempt to raise funds.
He has broken CAA rules, although that behaviour seems to have ceased.
He consistently uses misleading language, particularly around his 'HQ' in Chelmsford.

It is blatantly clear to anyone with a shred of knowledge how the airline industry works that the guy has not got a hope in hell of starting an airline. With his track record and CV he is uninvestable; even to buy a bus ticket, let alone an Airbus. He is therefore either seriously deluded or is engaged in what smells very much like fraud. Either way, he needs to be stopped.
I'm inclined to believe that this Jason Unsworth is simply deluded, and actually does not realise the gravity of the situation he now finds himself in. On the face of it, a planned and continuing fraud on a number of levels are under way, and that is incredibly serious.

The reason why I come to the belief that he's deluded, is because he's done nothing to hide his details. Someone with the "intent" to perpetrate a fraud on this sort of level would surely not want to have on public record - their name, photographs, residential address and previous employment information!!!

As sad as this situation is, the judicial system will catch up with him sooner or later and the outcome for him will be severe, regardless of any mental health or learning difficulties, other health related matters etc.

A strange one to impersonate an airline yes, but the law is the law I'm afraid, and that's why I have little sympathy in this case. (Obviously, if evidence suddenly turns up to the contrary, I will retract my words, I'm not holding my breath however).
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