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Pitts, absolutely agree that the public would use words in common use which could lead to confusion. I have tried very hard not to condemn the pilot because I am worried that the pilot will end up taking all the blame for this and whatever mistakes he has made that will not be fair. However I still believe that the flight sharing scenario is the most unlikely because why would a man, maybe struggling to pay the bills, take several days out of his life to go and sit in an airport hotel whilst subsidising a very wealthy footballer?
It remains plausible that this was done for no reward. As a PPL, doing Part TIme dropzone work when any was available **if any was available** (I am aware that a few dropzones had taken on different pilots so I dont know if he was still active..) he could essentially get free hour building time by doing trips such as this.
The fact that he had no IR is clearly a seperate legal issue altgother and in all honesty the dots all seem to line up as a dodgy charter gone horribly wrong.
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