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Originally Posted by Pittsextra View Post
What investigation took place about the twin crashing on route to Chalgrove?
Was an investigation needed? There was nothing suggested in the accident report.
Originally Posted by Eutychus View Post
Aggh, I thought I was just getting a handle on all this... which part of this is "simpy illegal"?

Improper certification for an N-reg aicraft?
IFR as opposed to VFR?
Payment for services rendered?
EU airspace?

It's understanding how this matrix fits together to constitute something dodgy that us poor trusting users need more clarity on.

Aside from "at night/bad weather/single-engine over water/poor cruise altitude decision" issues.
Donít assume that a similar flight is always going to be dangerous. As has been pointed out already, this aircraft used as it was intended by suitably qualified crew could have safely conducted this flight.
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