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Another one bites the dust ....

Roger Stone was just arrested in Florida (around 0600 local time by the FBI) on what seems to be charges generally related to Wiki-leaks, meaning the passing of data stolen from Hillary's campaign between Wiki-leaks, Russians, and the Trump campaign.

Stone has been posing as a real tough guy for a long time, as someone who is not going to co÷perate with Mueller at all. Stone has kept a team of four lawyers on hot alert for some time now, showing that he has been expecting arrest, and that he is ready to fight this one out to the last trench, unlike Manafort, and very unlike Cohen.

This arrest might have to do with Jerome Corsi, who seems to have been some sort of middleman between Stone and Julian Assange. Corsi was subpoenaed by Mueller late last year, when the Special Counsel obtained material from him that seems to have implicated Stone. Before this there had been a great deal of suspicion of Stone, but perhaps not enough hard evidence to indict and arrest him. That said, who keeps a team of four top lawyers on standby in case of arrest?

Here again we see that classical method used against mobsters, the law working its way up the food chain from the small fry to the big fish. Stone is a big fish because there are not many layers between him and Donald Trump. About the only layer there is the Trump campaign, in fact.

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