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Originally Posted by tescoapp View Post

Anyway P&O has been owned by Dubai Ports for over a decade. Last time I was on one of their tubs most staff were none EU nationals. Per say a change of flag makes no difference to their operation or crews.
This is what is so unsatisfying about Brexit supporters. There is no real debate of ideas, of thought processes, just a shape shifting set of inadequacies that manifest themselves continually in various forms of half baked wilfully ignorant miasmas of reasoning - 'If that's the price to pay' being a great example. Andrew knows I'm talking about one week, he knows the news flows in only one direction & will continue to do so, he knows implicitly that his cherished exit is a disaster, but can't possibly disinvest the large amount of ego tied up in it. It would be far too humiliating to do so, and therefore, the dogmatic insistence continues, people like me come along to poke holes in the flimsy arguments, they regroup, try again & it goes round & round. Same with this. P&O explicitly stated they're flagging out to minimise Brexit disruption & here's Tesco missing the point on purpose by a country mile.

No one who voted leave can be held responsible for their actions. No one who voted leave & still believes in it can be taken seriously.
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