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Sorry Parapunter but if this is as bad as it gets I'll take it...

Sony - moved the grand total of 10 (yes, ten) people
Dyson - is NOT "moving out of the UK". Have a read about the former RAF Colerne if you dont believe me
Airbus - a state sponsored threat to bring the kids into line
P&O - not read about this one, and wont be doing so, but I doubt it is especially significant. Flag of convenience and all that I expect.
Really pleased to see that you, as with most hard Brexiteers, are happy for people to lose their jobs, and for UK plc to lose tax revenue. Is there a price too high, in terms of industry and commerce so far as you and you cronies are concerned.

Would Toyota, Nissan, Honda and BMW leaving bee too high a price, or is even that a price worth paying to "take back control"?
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