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Originally Posted by dsc810 View Post
It will all depend on many things as to whether the cover is valid.
It may be that insurance cover from the club has not yet started as the player seems to have not yet started training.
It maybe that anyway such cover is conditional on certain higher risk activities and sports not being carried out. I know one of such policy banning the individual from skiing.
I'm sure we will discover that in reality the pilot was deep in debt and that his estate is insolvent - so all those who think they can get any money out of the deceased pilot's estate will be told to Go Whistle Dixie/Foxtrot Oscar.
My point is, validity of cover is unimportant as the potential sums in question exceed anything I saw at such aircraft.
I suspect the reality, if ever revealed, may shock us all.

Somebody named similar a while ago on another unrelated issue 'walking accident to happen'.
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