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Originally Posted by Flap 80 View Post
Or is this perfectly acceptable under cost sharing rules and is effectively a Wingly type of service being offered but where the potential customer has no knowledge of the Pilots ability or experience?
The European way to let grey areas slip through law enforcement and accept an economy based on 'networking', formerly known as corruption, is legendary. No, I do not find it acceptable to wreck the economical basis of trade by allowing private efforts slip underneath the legal layer agreed. What is called 'sharing society', formerly known as barter trading before the invention of money, is a huge step backwards in history. There is nothing wrong in favor among friends and neighbors, but that is always based on personal connection. Go a 'Wingly type of service' is trying to de-personalize personal relation, replacing friendship by artificial 'friendship'. It may be another world, but it is definitely not mine.
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