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Originally Posted by ATC Watcher View Post
In fact they only found them when it was night , using IR googles , one pilot spotted the small lamp of one pax life vest !
Just a minor detail, the article says they were found thanks to thermal IR detection.

Les militaires et les gendarmes, qui ont des lunettes infrarouges, ont pu nous repérer [dans la nuit] grâce aux taches de chaleur.

And with reference to my own question about CI flying practices, further up, a PPL acquaintance writes:

It's perfectly possible for a small flying club to also run a private charter business using beaten up 4 seaters and as a way of building hours for recently qualified commercial pilots. But they still need an AOC and the plane still needs to be flown by someone with a CPL minimum.
So it would seem that the key question for conscientious SLF to ask anyone proposing to fly them in such an aircraft against payment is: "do you have an AOC and a CPL?" Which may or may not have been the case for the flights I took above.

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