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Uncle Fred
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Mac - that was one of the most cogent reviews of Mr. Trump that I have read lately. Your juxtaposition of Trump and Kennedy is particularly revealing. Kennedy, when he was not on the sexual prowl or in a dalliance, worked hard and was inquisitive. Trump, on the other hand, prides himself on already knowing everything. He and his supporters are willingly divorced from reality but see no danger in that. How aides can see an older overweight man watch Fox for hours at a time and think this is the stuff that great men are made of is bewildering.

Btw, I think that for all the discussions of how dysfunctional the U.S. government is at the moment, that actually it is working as the founders envisioned. Reality, and a wily leader of the party opposite in the House, are balancing out Trump to a certain extant. No one said it would be pretty! Let's hope, for the sake of the West, that a vibrant opposition will keep his room for maneuver limited.
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