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Originally Posted by cavortingcheetah View Post
The principle Dutch inducements to British business to move there are an exemption from the existing Dutch 20% tax surcharge on bonus payments and no income tax on 30% of income for a period of eight years. Britain would woe business away from the Netherlands if it offered competitive tax rates like that.
The Netherlands are competing with other EU member states to attract UK based companies that are about to jump ship. Hence the incentives. Those companies would leave the UK anyway. Plus they do not benefit from lower personal taxes of their employees.

As others have pointed out, we have yet to hear that a company is moving to the UK - which, accordinng to Camp Brexit, will be the land of the rich and beautiful where milk and hoeny will flow once the EU shackles can be discarded. Isn't the Brexit mantra that UK based companies will be better off because all those funny EU regulations will disappear, an attractive tax regime will be in place and worldwide trade deals will give the UK a competitive edge over the EU? So why are companies moving out instead of moving in?
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