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Originally Posted by Gipsy Queen View Post
Krystal - your response might have had more relevance if you had bothered to consider the content of my post before launching forth in your customarily adversarial style. I have advocated nothing and really do think you should take more care when ascribing to others, opinions or beliefs which they have neither expressed, nor indeed, implied.

Incidentally, "There's" is a corruption of "there is". Therefore it is grammatically singular. The conjoined "two" is plural.
First, thanks for the grammatical correction . Strangely, I am not overly concerned as to your diligence in this respect.

Secondly, and you'll excuse me for saying this, the content of your post inferred the UK population would not resort to civil unrest because, seemingly, this is not in our nature and even more so once new arrivals to the UK are taken into the equation....the term "national identity " invariably conceals the unpalatable spectre of xenophobia.

And, you are utterly clueless as to the effects austerity has had on several million of the population...... whereas I am not, from personal experience regarding the lady in my life.

Meanwhile, and this is not directed at you, elsewhere in this green and septic isle, it appears the effluence that would normally be treated at a processing plant has transmogrified itself into a human being......albeit it would be impossible to make the distinction if it were encountered.

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