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It seems that Cohen has enough skeletons in his family closet to fill an entire graveyard.

From before the time he hooked up with Trump until now Cohen, along with his father-in-law, has been in the taxi medallion business, which is a pretty rough business: https://www.vox.com/2018/5/22/173821...dman-taxi-king

As you can read from that article I linked, Cohen borrowed heavily against the previous value, $1.3 million each, of his taxi medallions. They now are worth about $200 thousand each, so that it is easy to guess that Cohen and his father-in-law are under a lot of financial pressure. (Check out the story of little Jared Kushner and 666 Fifth Avenue, for another, similar tale of financial woe.) Added to that, it would be a complete surprise to be told that Cohen and his father-in-law have held to the letter of the law.

I would guess that the threat from Trump is that he should start tweeting about Cohen's family troubles in this regard, when for once the reality is bad enough, not that Trump should not spice that up with his usual lying exaggerations. Some kind of thuggish "You tell Congress about me; I tell the whole USA about your father-in-law!" seems to have persuaded Cohen to keep his mouth shut about Trump simply because he would get himself into a lot more trouble by testifying.

New York is still a melting pot. If you are interested, read up on Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York City. A lot of Russian emigres have settled there, including plenty of gangsters. (It is the same story as with any other group of immigrants, when a certain number come as organized criminals, to live by organized crime. It is not that the Russians deserve to all be branded gangsters in the way that Trump has defamed Mexicans, but the answer to "Is there a Russian mob presence in New York City?" has to be "Yes, of course!")

Cohen's father-in-law arrived from the Ukraine when it was part of the USSR so that he could be thought of as a "Russian," and Rudy Giuliani has just accused him of having, perhaps, "ties to something called organized crime." It seems clear that if Cohen talks, so does Rudy, some more.
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