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Originally Posted by exfocx View Post
Went to the ATSB's site to read the actual report, at the end of the article is a link to what I thought would be the actual report, but no, it was just another waffle piece. Making claims like this is bullsh1te without the actual report to review, it's methodology etc. As the OP said, if you take the other end of the statement it isn't so good. It's Survey Monkey at best and pretty much like any company employee survey and cannot be considered to be an actual REPORT.

What we have here is no different than what the Hayne RC has shown, that we have wholesale regulator capture across Australia, in every area, from Finance to the various state EPAs. Governments have progressively ensured that the regulators don't embarrass them. They are now really just another arm of Gov, there only for the appearance of independence.

I'm sure you've seen the SMH piece on ASIC, APRA and the ACCC taking freebies from the companies that they overlook.
Exactly what I was thinking.

The regulatory capture of ASIC/APRA (not to mention in their case at least, the gutting of funding by Abbott and Hockey) is exactly what I was thinking about with new the new fatigue rules and the new target of “international averages” as though mediocrity where the new gold standard. It’s disgraceful given that there is most likely some highly qualified people working in government that are genuinely trying to do what’s best for the travelling public and those under their flight path.
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