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Originally Posted by Romeo Tango View Post
I have flown the Atlantic 5 times and and many other oceans seas and lakes in a SEP with and without GPS. I have been doing it for 40 years. It is a very good risk if one takes a few basic precautions like having enough fuel. I have never got wet.
I expect to make old bones.

As has been said before its up to the pilot. I think it's a good risk, maybe you don't. We are both right.
Absolutely. It is all about risk assessment. The chances of an engine failure are slim indeed. And the aeroplane does not know you are over water. But a smart pilot uses his smart brains to avoid having to use his smart skill. As the man said, fly at 50 feet over the ships or whales, wearing a t-shirt and shorts (yes some do!) is adding to the risk. I am probably ultra careful, not because I am a coward but I seek to minimise the risks, but at the same time enjoy my flying. This year, we are yet again touring the Highlands & Islands in our puddle-jumper. We will cross short stretches of water, but the increased risk is offset by the fun. Interestingly though, most experienced pilots are risk adverse.
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