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WC, so would it be okay with Pence to have dinner with MIss Spain, yes or no? Somehow I think that while Pence might be ready for it, Mother Pence would throw a wobbly, "man" or not. "Who was that lady I saw you with last night?"

"That was no lady, that was Miss Spain!"

OB, there I was, minding my own business, when not one but two scandals erupted. First the Rev. Bakker, and then the Rev. Swaggart were caught doing very, very naughty things involving sex and money. (It had been obvious for years that they were just horny flim-flam artists, but still they prospered greatly and Praaaise Jeezus!)

Is my mind in the gutter? Could be, could be, but still it is so that all of this nonsense with Trump, Pence, and you guys who support them makes me think of the mooks who bought into those two charlatans for far too long. (The Rev. Bakker is back, in fact, still flim-flamming along with some degree of success. Amazing .... )
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