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Sorry was a little late to reply but just to say Magpie covers my experience, one tip though is ask your examiner for his weight including clothing, baggage etc. for your W&B.

The route was given to me the night before and was a simple destination to find... a disused airfield which if you missed you’d be over the North Sea!! Once we got there it was upper air work which consisted of a full stall, departure stall and base to final stall both at the first sign. Steep Turns and then a PFL. The examiner then took control gave me the diversion point and asked for ETA etc. Gave me a nicely trimmed aircraft back to me. Once we arrived at the diversion point it was back to base for a couple of circuits. All done in 1 hr 15 mins brakes to brakes.

You will be just fine. I was getting myself worked up a little before the check but really is a check to ensure you’re still safe to be let loose once again, it was more of a nice bimble on a nice day with a friend along for the ride (first time I had met him though). The school will ensure you’re ready.
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