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Comments from friend with an IRI not on PPRuNe

Most interesting but some have got the wrong end of the stick. I've found the IRI most helpful and must have completed around 15 IMC's to date, more than paid for itself and has been most helpful in other areas such as inadvertent cloud penetration courses. One doesn't need an MEP to make this work, single works fine providing one has the rating you are going to teach, such as IR/IMC (IR/R) It's not full time work and I empathise with the flying club that a stand alone IRI ( I assume they don't have an approval for CBIR or IRI training? ) or CRI is a little too selective in such a flexible working environment. Certainly geared up to accommodate Commercial pilots ( or ex as in my case ) as the requirement for 800 IFR hours is most high. (200 for FI's). A very good rating indeed if one doesn't want to be an FI but one has to be resourceful with this rating. You don't have to work within a flying club as IMC's and indeed, a certain proportion of the CBIR can be taught away from an approved ATO/DTO, if one wishes to work alone. A good working relationship with a local examiner is imperative.
If one is starting off as an Instructor and looking at getting into the airlines or perhaps as a career Instructor then this may not be for you.

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