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Originally Posted by Sailvi767 View Post
The strange part is why UAL did not get a rescue flight to YYR in 3 or 4 hours. Itís a 2 hour flight from EWR.
Flight lands in Goose Bay at 8:30pm. An hour later or so they realize they have an issue with the door. Contract maintenance comes out, and I imagine the guy has to drive out from his house so who knows how long it takes. Maybe an hour or so, plus however much time he spends working on the door. After no luck, now itís close to 1am. United now is calling pilots at home to see if there is anyone who is 1. Legal to fly, and 2. Available to fly, and 3. In the local area. Most of the 777 pilots I know at United are commuters. They find two suitable pilots and give them 2 to 3 hours to make it to the airport. Another hour to get the plane ready, taxi out and fly. 2 hour flight time. This is in an ideal scenario with no hiccups. Easy to see how it could turn into a 14 hour ordeal.
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