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So painting a scenario here.....

The problem at the moment is that instructors wantin to be ME/IR instructors need 30 hours PIC in an MEP plus 200 hours IFR time now the pre-EASA 50 hours instrument flight time alternative has gone.

if it was an organisation which had a lot of pilots with plenty of IFR flight time (ie 800 hours+) but no FI rating, could they do the 10 hour IRI course, teach on a single (so avoiding the 30 hours P1 on an MEP requirement), train a candidate to pass a single engine IR, and then leave the ME/IR to a small cadre of specialised instructors to do the single to multi IR conversion (which I think is 5 hours flying ?).

i presume such a person would need a current single pilot IR ?

Or would it be more straight forward to just get the 30 hours PIC on an MEP ?

the biggest obstacle at the moment seems to be the "200 hour IFR" rule. Most people who have this don't want to go back to instructing.
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