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Thank you for that Charlie Zulu! In all fairness, with regards to Flight Information Service its the other way round. I don't remember much of Basic, Traffic and Deconfliction service as that came in just as I stopped flying if I remember rightly.

I have started to do some practice questions online for the PPL exams (just to test my knowledge) to try and bring it back up to date, looking up the questions I am not too sure about. It has already helped me find some changes that have happened!

Biggest shock for me was you can fly in uncontrolled airspace down to 1500m visibility under 140kts, clear of cloud and in sight of surface! That's quite low vis for VFR!

But overall, I guess most of it will just back to me once I'm back in the aircraft!

Many thanks for your response. I simply cannot wait to get back up in the air!
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