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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips View Post
Not a bad idea, actually..unless you have any other suggestions for braking the impasse ....or at least, those not yet suggested.

But, your fears may yet prove groundless !.....because, and it's tempting to include "Thin Lizzy, the boys are back in town " here, but I won't, "Come back and finish what you started " would be more apt, guess who has slithered out from beneath whatever rock he was domiciled under ?.....correct ! Nige, "Divine Saviour " Farage.

Mind you, the last resurrection only got as far as Bolton on a clapped out double decker, so there's no reason to suppose this latest declaration will differ from last time...
Interesting suggestion by that 'Oxford educated' commentator.
​​​​If you take London out, leave won by 11% – not just a few per cent”.
Or 'Let's leave London out of Brexit. We don't want their vote.'

If London can stay in the EU I will move back there tomorrow.
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