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Which, as discussed above, Would mean th next vote would be past th dat where, if it were followed by another vote of no confidence, would mean a general election and parliament dissolved whilst Brexit occurred......

“.......In the Times, Sam Coates says No. 10’s plan is to first secure the backing of parliament for May’s “new” approach next week, before returning to Brussels with a mandate for fresh talks. “The prime minister will try to use a vote in the Commons on January 29 to show changes [to the backstop] could secure a majority among MPs,” Coates writes. “Under her plan, she will then go back to Brussels with what she hopes will be a mandate from the Commons. That means a ‘meaningful vote’ on her revised deal would need to wait for talks with EU officials to finish, which could take at least a week. There would then be a week of debate in the Commons. Cabinet officials believe that the new vote will not take place until the middle of next month.”........
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