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(1) would need to go through court to say one way or the other. And if it looked likely it would be taken there. And time wasted etc etc until it was mute point anyway. Scottish courts can't rule on matters pertaining to the UK parliament so its not surprising. But I can't see them doing it anyway if a GE is pulled because they would instantly loose all the leave supporters. If they leave alone they get a UK out and the possibility that Corbyn is a bit to much for the majority of the population in or out.

And it would be subject to ECJ challenge

(2) it would be the first time it has happened in the UK. it would also put the monarch at odds with 50% of the population. And again it would need its day or two in court to say it was in fact legal. I agree it could happen if say someone decided to invade the UK during a GE cycle but for this..... can't see it as there is no national emergency.

And again it would be challenged through the ECJ.

Both cases I would say its clutching at straws. On the other hand default exit is automatic and driven by EU as well as the UK law.
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