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As a seasoned motorcyclist I find that riding requires a completely different mindset to driving.

If you're driving and listening to music, singing along, that fine, but if you're riding you have to be completely in the moment with your situational awereness at it's peak. You can't afford to be thinking about anything else but survival.

I realised this after several years off road bikes and getting back onto the road. At first I had a frightful number of near misses because I wasn't totally focussed on the task. You have to have the mindset that you're the Invisible Man and everyone is trying to kill you... Hand on heart every crash i have had was my fault. i figure if I get hit by another vehicle that's my fault too.

I always look at the wheels of the vehicle waiting to move out in front of me when I'm travelling down a main street. If they start to rotate it gives me a better visual clue than watching for the car to move. Making eye contact with the driver helps too.

Finally, further to the lights on during the day discussion, when a small object (like a motorcycle) is backlit by the sun setting or rising, the use of daytime headlights breaks up the silhouette of the machine, making it even harder to spot.
I suspect this is why motorcycles sold in Oz have reverted from the hard wired headlights of the 90's back to switchable lights.
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